Why I started reviewsbeauty

Hey all!

🙂 Today I wanted to talk about why I started reviewsbeauty.wordpress.com. Essentially, I want to share my product reviews with others and truth be told, this all happened on a whim. A whim simply to do makeup and beauty reviews after I played around with makeup one fine day. (The thing I never told my readers is that I created reviewsbeauty the same day I decided to wear makeup for the first time in about a year).

Makeup is a way I express myself. It is art, and boy is it fun when you take all the stress away. And most importantly, it is important! It is important because makeup allows you to show so much of yourself by saying so little, and showing so little. You don’t have to wear a low-cut top, you can just “slay” (as youtubers like to say) your face (honestly, I’m laughing right now) and it’s a stunning masterpiece for you and your friends to enjoy. (ideally). Not everyone is great at makeup and boy am I the first to admit that I have flaws, but even that won’t stop me from trying. 😉

Makeup shows you so much about yourself and allows you to express creative freedom in the simplest of ways.

Makeup can truly be transcendent in its approach to everyday life and the fun it brings.

Moreover, makeup is now widely accepted by society and anyone can use it!

Skincare is another one of my pet peeves (which in my world, means “stuff I love”). And so on this blog I review skincare, makeup, and other products that I love and enjoy. (Or dislike, as you’ll see).

My schedule is pretty busy but fingers crossed this keeps up!






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