Testing the Miniso Korean Style Longlasting Lipliner in 03 Fruity Red, Smooth Eyeliner + Eyebrow Pencil

Hi guys! So recently I tried a bunch of products that my grandmother bought for me on a trip to Uniclo in Bedok Mall Singapore, and there I found two super cheap makeup items that I could not help myself and just bought on a whim (well not really a whim, as I don’t own much makeup products).

I used to own many makeup products (and by many, I mean only enough for one makeup look) but the truth is, they just got old really fast and some colours just didn’t suit me (thus they were given away).

Point aside, I got the “So Chic – Korean Style Lasting Liner” and the Ningbo Eyecos Cosmetics Smooth Eyeliner + Eyebrow Pencil duo! and they were only $4.90 each, which was killer as I found they had great promise on first swatch in store.

Here are pictures of both:





The lipliner in fruity red is amazingly pigmented and creamy, and for its price it is a decent lip liner. When I first put it on my hand it did not smudge one bit, which was exciting. When I got home however, and put it on my lips, it bled outside the lip lines a bit, but nothing a bit of tissue couldn’t fix. For $4.90 I would say this lipliner is an outstanding product for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of money to splurge on!


Plus the packaging is a total plus: pale pink and gold lettering. It is thin and fits in my hand nicely, as well as in my makeup bag. I immediately saw these as pluses.

The only downside was that it did bleed outside the lines of my lips a little, but that honestly could just look like a bit of a stain and once you tidy that up a bit it shouldn’t be a problem I don’t think. But really, it depends on how fussy you want to be with product!

So to me, that wasn’t a huge issue.


The Smooth Eyeliner + Eyebrow Pencil duo swatched beautifully in store, but – and tell me if this is true – on my eyelids the pigment looked a bit patchy and it was a bit on the crumbly side. It applied decently and if I was really obnoxious I would say that it wasn’t the BEST, but once again, a great product at $4.90 for those who don’t want to splurge extra! 🙂

The eyeliner was black and inky which really made me excited and then on my eyes it didn’t flake all day, but was a bit crumbly. If you scratch it it’ll probably come out but all in all Ia great product for $4.90.

The packaging is warm chocoately red-brown and says smooth eyeliner and eyebrow pencil so it’s really easy to tell. It makes for a really sleek look although it didn’t make me too excited. All in all I would say great beginner products for beginners who don’t have money to splurge and I am definitely satisfied with the quality!

On hindsight, I wouldn’t have bought the grey, (my sister told me to go for brown, but in my somewhat brief history with eyebrow pencils I preferred more cool tones and thought grey was a good match). I do not regret the grey shade for a really natural look on me and I think the eyeliner is definitely something I could work with to perfection with practise! All in all it wasn’t too hard to use and for the quality at this price I think it’s great!

Add pictures of face. etc.

“Here is my face before, and here is my face after!”




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